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Corrosion survey

Corrosion problems are more complex now than they have ever been.

Increasing complexities of electrical and electronic systems on board is one of several factors that can lead to expensive corrosion and paint coating issues.

More awareness of corrosion problems and the need for them to be identified correctly has created a demand in the industry for specialist corrosion surveys to international standards.

Marine Cert technicians are trained and internationally certified, using the latest technology and equipment. 

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Commercial vessels

From chartered fishing boats to water taxis, we provide an expert eye for commercial vessels. We bring specialised understanding to any build, maintenance or conversion and are proud to deliver excellence as well-renowned marine electrical consultants.

As an honest and reliable independent third party for conflict resolution, we provide specialist reports to lawyers, insurance companies and private owners.

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We provide an independent voice of marine expertise across a range of services. Whether you need a Marine Electrical certification (EWOF), Corrosion testing, an independent electrical survey or maritime design approval, we draw on years of experience to deliver excellence in marine consulting.

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Recreational Vessels

It’s essential to have trust in the person that’s assessing your boat. In the case of Marine Cert, that’s a trust that’s built on knowing that we have the specialised qualifications, knowledge, skill set and exemplary 30 year history in the marine industry. We’re dedicated to keeping your vessel safe, seaworthy and compliant .

Whether you need electrical design approval, marine electrical consultation or an electrical marine surveyor for your vessel, you can expect impeccable standards. We are dedicated to safety, for anyone building, buying, maintaining or selling a boat.

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Prepare your boat with confidence

In preparation for the America's Cup coming to New Zealand, many astute boat owners are converting their private boats into charter to maximise the advantage of the massive swell in tourism. They can then make the most of the increased demand for charter boats over the America's Cup period and further afield. Contact Marine Cert for further advice on making sure your vessel is compliant and ready for charter.

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