Welcome to Marine Cert, where our dedication to maritime expertise has been lifelong. For Gavin, our director, an unwavering commitment to marine safety has always been his driving force.

Gavin is proud to be both an Electrical Surveyor and an Electrical Design Approver, recognised and approved by Maritime New Zealand and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority AMSA.

Gavin is also trained and internationally certified by the American Boat and Yacht Council as a certified advisor and technician for Marine Corrosion.

Drawing on over thirty years of hands-on experience we are also qualified Electrical Inspectors and specialise in Marine Electrical Certification - EWOF

We are proud to be highly regarded in the industry for our sound knowledge and expert advice. 

When it comes to marine safety, it’s imperative to choose qualified, highly skilled professionals with the specialised expertise for their area of the marine industry. With Marine Cert you can expect exceptional standards, honesty and integrity with an unwavering commitment to safety.

Gavin Dakers


Decades of experience

After completing his apprenticeship in the Royal NZ Navy, Gavin spent the first part of his career working as a marine electrical engineer on container ships, commercial boats and luxury vessels. In 1990, after observing a shortage in specialised electricians that were capable of delivering the skill and expertise that the industry demands, he started Marine Electrics NZ.

Together with his team, Gavin spent over 27 years delivering exceptional specialised service, knowledge and skills to his clients, and training apprentices to further serve the profession.

In 2017, Gavin brought the chapter of Marine Electrics NZ to a close, to focus on establishing a business for the more specific needs of the industry. Today, Marine Cert draws on these years of hands-on experience to provide an independent voice of marine expertise.

“There was a large gap in the industry for qualified technicians. Within the trade it is essential that we have tradesmen coming up through the ranks that are skilled in this specialised marine market and that have the correct training in the specific systems, regulations and the latest technologies on board vessels operating within the marine sector.”

A commitment to professional development

Marine technology is rapidly evolving. To match this evolution, Gavin has dedicated himself to ongoing education alongside his work. He is a NZ Registered Electrician, Boat Master, and has several other Maritime qualifications.

But it’s Gavin’s passion for meeting the needs of the industry that has led him to his unique set of qualifications. He holds an Electrical Inspector Certification, a National Certificate in Electrical Apparatus in Explosive Atmospheres, and is a Maritime NZ Electrical Surveyor.

Gavin holds the Maritime NZ Electrical Design Approval certificate, which places him among a handful of qualified surveyors with electrical Design Approval in New Zealand. This skill set allows Gavin to offer his clients a full service that attends to the finest detail.

While specialising in marine electrical engineering, surveying and design, he also works with other professionals within and outside of the industry to ensure marine standards are met at the highest quality, throughout New Zealand.

Safety is paramount

We combine excellence in marine skills and qualifications with honesty and integrity. When it comes to safety, there is no grey area. We use our knowledge and experience to bring expert judgement to every unique situation. When it comes to safety and security on boats, a fair and equal expert opinion is essential. It’s our job to provide an independent voice, and we’re proud to deliver this, every time.

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